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Flag of Denmark
31 October 2007

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Mikael and football!
7 September 2007

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Pilot cabin
30 April 2007

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Water pipe smoking
17 March 2007

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A cute squirrel
18 February 2007

Recent Comments

مهدی on Concert in Globen #3
بسیار عالی

مهدی on Concert in Globen #3
بسیار عالی ...

barbod on Sizdah Bedar (13 Bedar)
very nice

kourosh on Concert in Globen #7
ba salam...mamnun az inke axe shahryaro gozashtid lotfan age baz ham ax az in concerte shahryar darid bezarid. ba sepas

Cuentos on A cute squirrel
This is a very, very good capture. It looks like to me a sweet image. Saludos, Mariana C. Thanks.

Cuentos on British museum
I love the lines. I think this is a good picture. Saludos, Mariana C.

pep i nu on Drink the sky!
nice photo, good composition sky inside the coffe

HONEY on Bookworm!
چه سوژه جالبی !!!!! مثل حادثه 11سبتامبر با یک تیر دو نشانه را زدید هم ...

Marie on Flag of Denmark
jolie lumière.

shahnaz on Goodbye Aminus3
man taze bargashtam! to ke dige tahvil nemigiri! :-( mobarake site jadid!

bayramali on Goodbye Aminus3
آقا اینجا عینهو طرفهای کرج میمونه. مال کرج نروژه؟

DaveB on Goodbye Aminus3
Lovely perspective, wicked shot!

Laurie on Goodbye Aminus3
You will be missed here, but I already bookmarked your new site. Good luck with the new site! I will check it out! ...

ManuelaR on Goodbye Aminus3
Wish you good luck Vahid and do stop by now and then and I will also try to do the same ;)

Michael Skorulski on Goodbye Aminus3
See you in photog land, Vahid. Good luck.

PiXeLaRt on Do you have driving license?!
kheyli zibast...heyf ke ye maqdar blur shode...tarkibe rangesh aalie...

Earnest on Goodbye Aminus3
Vahid, I actually went the other way and dropped my personal site for aminus3 -- at least I know that a "few" ...

Craiger on The Champs-Élysées
An amazing shot!

Michael Rawluk on Goodbye Aminus3
I have added your new site to my news reader.

Nishana on Flag of Denmark
wow! thats some shot! everythn bout it is great..especially d sun n its reflection..

Michael Skorulski on A decorated bike
Gorgeous color. Cool is the word.

آذين on A decorated bike
دوچرخه تو هلند جایگاه گاو رو تو هند داره آیا؟ :)

Laurie on A decorated bike
I imagine the person who owns that one is a very happy person and very full of life.

Reza on A decorated bike
Very cool !

Shenne on A decorated bike
Nice Bike, nice shot

Shahrooz on A decorated bike
این عکس منو یاد دوران بچگی م انداخت :) یه دوچرخه داشتم لاستیکش ...

claude on Do you have driving license?!
Good idea and nice attitude! Lovely shot!

Nishana on Do you have driving license?!
nice concept.. :)

Reza on Do you have driving license?!
Very cute shot and title.

Adrian on Do you have driving license?!
I don't think so! in ax az kei va kojast?

shahab on Colorful Autumn
Magnificent!Wonderful colors!!!

shahab on Girl behind the bottle!
Beautiful shot!Cool!

آذین on Girl behind the bottle!
حالا ديدار ما به نمی دانم ان کجای فراموشی ديدار ما اصلا به همان ...

Michael Skorulski on Girl behind the bottle!
Yes I like this very much. Makes us wonder more about the girl.

KMF on Girl behind the bottle!
wounderfull shot

....... on Girl behind the bottle!
Man mikhastam ye chizi begam , vali goftam avval send konam shoma iradate dastoori o ... ro begirin ba'ed ...

Somebody on The Champs-Élysées
Nice shot! Happy New Year! My special wish just for you Is a blessing from God above, To make this your happiest year, ...

Sandrine on The Champs-Élysées
Great shot! Beautiful wishes... The same to you and yours! Have a happy new year!

Laurie on The Champs-Élysées
Beautiful! Lovely sentiments. Thank you. Happy New Year! All the best in 2008!

Michael Skorulski on The Champs-Élysées
Lovely shot. So much energy.

KMF on The Champs-Élysées
nice one and happy new year..!

Somebody on Colorful Autumn
eeeeeeee mage onja paiiz ba'ede zemestoon miad :D che jaleb :P lol Its Gorgeous!!

Dimitrios on Colorful Autumn
briliant colours, bravo, Happy NY

shahnaz on A freezing day 2
I like this shot! It makes a sort of nostalgic feeling!

Mohsen on A freezing day 3
cool shot dude...l love it

Michael Rawluk on A freezing day 3
I should post shots of cars here that are just white mounds of snow :-)

Amir on A freezing day 2
Awesome shot, very beautiful, a true masterpiece

Az Diare Ashti... on A freezing day 2
با نگاهی كه در آن شوق برآرد فرياد با سلامی كه در آن نور ببارد ...

PiXeLaRt on A freezing day 1
Good Composition!

roozgari ke Sang ha aghusho deleshan baztaro garmtar az adamas baraye ham ! karato dus daram amighan .. seriye ...

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